Snyder Appointed to Quaker Digital Academy Board

quakerdigital_02Mr. Snyder, past school board president of New Philadelphia City Schools, was today appointed to a two year term as member of the Board of Directors of the Quaker Digital Academy. The Quaker Digital Academy is an online community school sponsored by the New Philadelphia City School District and serves a diverse group of students pursuing a high school diploma. Graduates of the Quaker Digital Academy receive a New Philadelphia High School Diploma. The Quaker Digital Academy serves those who prefer a non traditional approach to the more traditional brick and mortar scholastic program. In addition to home schooled as well as the disadvantaged, the Quaker Digital Academy also appeals to the upper level student providing on line courses at the university level which apply towards Ohio Public School Graduation Requirements’. The Quaker Digital Academy enrollment has grown exponentially in the past year and expects through  continued cooperation with New Philadelphia City Schools to provide an alternative in public education.

Photo: Quaker Digital Academy

Broadening our Appraisal Market Area

expandingCharles G. Snyder announces continued growth of appraisal consulting specialized services. Mr. Snyder, General Certified in both Ohio and West Virginia, announces growth in appraisal activity along the Ohio River corridor. Recent economic developments and the need for qualified valuation estimates has provided expansion of efforts on behalf of Banks, Savings and Loans, and governmental agencies. The company cites increased business activity as a result of bank failures and lenders seeking assurance of mortgage positions in a generally declining market.

Photo: Google Maps

Announcing The Specialized Analysis of Conservation Easements

516411517_a61838dfd5In a continued effort to offer diverse appraisal expertise, Mr. Snyder has successfully passed the examination requirement for the course Appraising Conservation Easements offered by the Appraisal Institute of which Mr. Snyder is a dual designated member. The analysis of easement valuation requires specialized training for which Mr. Snyder has successfully passed the most recent course offering for this special interest valuation. Sponsors of the examination included the Appraisal Institute as well as the American Society of Appraisers, the ASMRA, and the Land Trust Alliance.

Photo: flickr / Rainer Ebert